3 Signs You’re An Artist And You Didn’t Even Know It

Early on in my creative meanderings I associated creativity with being an artist.

I enjoyed creating art.

I loved it.

However, there was a problem,

I wasn’t that great of an artist.

Sure, I did the obligatory crafts in grade school, but none of it was great. I was no child prodigy.

None of it was even on the same level as this pineapple, here.

Nobody told me I lacked skills in the arts or that most people only used the word—art, to describe painting, drawing, etc.

It’s not their fault, that was their understanding.

Luckily, I showed talent for the sports.

I started playing baseball at age four. Somewhere around the age of ten, my mother gave me a choice,

“Nolan, I can afford for you and your sister to each do an activity. Your choices are piano or baseball. Your sister’s choices are piano or softball.”

I chose baseball.

I wasn’t an artist, remember?

I was lazy, I didn’t work at art because I was better at sports.

My understanding of art change one day when I heard artist used to describe a highly skilled pitcher in Major League Baseball.

“Man that guy can pitch, he is like an artist out there, painting the corners.”

Well, shoot. I can pitch.

Can I be an artist and an athlete?

As an adult, I know a little bit more than the childhood version of me. I know people can almost be whatever they want to be,

with a little work.

It is my firm belief every single person represents the beginning and end of the creative universe. From our sub-atomic makeup to our latest reason to celebrate, every person participates in the creation of their existence,

whether or not they know it.

The world needs our creative intuitions.

The universe should inspire us by its continual expansion.

I didn’t know it then, but I know now I can be both,

an athlete and an artist
a husband and an artist
a father and an artist

you get the point.

Artists are creators.

You are a creator.

Here are 3 signs you are an artist and you didn’t even know it:

1) You’re alive.
If you’re reading this right now, there’s a solid chance you are unconsciously breathing while your heart pumps blood through your body without your conscious permission. In this moment, you may be thinking, Great—another click bait with some title giving me nothing of consequence. Get on with it buddy. I know that I am alive.

Do you feel alive?

I love this meme about coffee:

There’s a reason you got up this morning. I am not talking about fate or anything that existential, but being alive and living are two different things.

By getting up this morning, you chose to add to the book you may or may not be writing about your life.

2) You think about stuff.

If at any point in the last 24 hours, you though ahead to meeting, meal, or an errand you were going to run, your creative intuition formed possible scenarios and ideas of how those things would go, whether good or bad.

Our brains are hard-wired to solve problems and is insatiable when it comes to winning.


Some researchers stumbled upon correlations in the brain when it came to winning the lottery and eating ice cream.

What you think and feel after finding out you won the lottery is the same brain processes while you’re eating ice cream.

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, then maybe you feel gassy and upset in your stomach when you win the lottery too?

Every thought you have about anything is your brain building frameworks around information.

Different researchers utilized a geometric equation to map how the brain thinks about information. They found with each new thought and subsequent thought the brain would form different shapes. Those shapes were all kinds of sizes and based on whatever the person was thinking about, they would build with one another and create interlocking structures.

You’re brain creates and builds, and now you know it.

3) You own stuff.

Look at the things you own.

No matter what it is, everything we own is an extension of our identity. With all of the options out there for each of the things you own, for one reason or another you chose that thing you currently possess.

Why do you own the wristwatch you own?

Some of the things you own were gifts from other people. You don’t own those people, but you formed a relationship with them at some point.

It does not matter if some of the decisions could be classified as fiscally responsible, or necessary, or for fun.

You were alive at the time you thought about the thing you are currently thinking about while reading this post.

If you enjoy doing anything, you’re an artist.

Your life is the aesthetic expression of yourself.

The world needs your best artistic self.

How does your life add to the creative mosaic of the world?

Go out and create!

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